I lament that I have been unable to post anything to this blog in over a month. Part of that was due to the intense-preparation I had to put into getting ready for the CNA Spring Conference, which was February 24-26. I spent over six weeks getting ready to speak during the Sunday morning service, and then just a week before the event, I was asked to also speak on Saturday morning. That last one had me scrambling for material. Thankfully I had plenty of material at my finger-tips.

I went into the Conference already dog-tired, and the Conference didn’t help matters in that regard. Between being sick for the first two weeks after the Conference, and having family (mom was hospitalized for a week) and personal emergencies (my refrigerator died) to deal with, I have “lost” three weeks since the Conference. I finally had to go to VA Urgent Care on March 10th if I was going to have any chance of getting well anytime soon. IV fluids, IV antibiotics and a prescription for more antibiotics have slowly done their job. I am finally “on-the-mend” and starting to feel like a human-being for a change.

In addition to my personal-issues, a close friend lost both her dad and her best-friend this week, and I am about the only “support-system” she has. She also lost her mom about eighteen-months ago, so she has taken a huge emotional-toll.

My mom has now been put in a Hospice House, and she is dyeing by inches. She has a whole host of health problems, probably including cancer, and she is also 86 years old. She is my only remaining blood-relative since I also lost my dad 3 1/2 years ago. This is taking a huge emotional and physical toll on me, so I am pretty much a “basket-case“.

Hopefully I can get back “on-track” in the coming weeks and get back to writing and posting regularly. I will be posting my material for both Saturday and Sunday shortly. Until then, please keep me and mom in your prayers.

Update 4/4/17:

My beloved mom went to be with the Lord this morning at 2:00 after a long illness. She passed peacefully in her sleep at one of the Hospice facilities in Ocala, Florida. I am already badly missing her. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

In Christ,


5 thoughts on “Inactivity

  1. I have a great reminder to pray for you, and even as I write this, the wind chimes you made for me are reminding me. Perhaps with the recent storms, the amount of chiming had a reason. Don’t feel bad about decreased output. Sometimes we just need to take in, especially when our bodies are crying for rest. Blessings, brother! I love you in Jesus!

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  2. These last few weeks have been a poignant-reminder that I NEED to stay-connected, not only to my friends, but to the Body of Christ. God ultimately is my strength, but He often “funnels” His strength and care through the Body of Christ, the Church.


  3. I have not been here in a while, but I do understand your grief and your time you need to be off from posting. There is a time for everything. I’m just glad you are back and in the saddle again. I have not posted much in my blog lately, but then, I don’t have any followers either, since I get very few people to post comments or read it. But I keep going. And we want you to keep going as well. God bless you, your family and this blog! And may you live nude and prosper, just as your soul prospers in Christ.


    • Thank you Boyd!!! I “lost” the whole month of April dealing with mom’s final arrangements and memorial service. May isn’t looking very good either. My Brother is in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, and is staying at mom’s place otherwise. He and his family will be moving back to Florida from South Carolina, probably about mid-July, and they will be living in mom’s place. God provides my needs, so I don’t “need” to sell mom’s place. It will give them badly-needed housing-security, something haven’t had in several years.


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