Death, Be Not Proud…

Death, be not proud,
For yours is not the final say,
You may claim our best, our dearest friends,
And even though we may lay them to rest today,
You, O Death, will be laid to rest some day.

On that grand and glorious day,
You, O Death, shall have no say,
Because you yourself shall have been put away,
And those we love shall be ours to stay,
On that grand and glorious day.

Death, be not proud.

I’m not a poet, and well I know it, but this is a wee tribute to a high-school classmate and to all of my friends and loved-ones who have gone before.



2 thoughts on “Death, Be Not Proud…

    • I am still in the pee-wee leagues as a writer. This is a tribute to a fellow band-member when I was in high school(’71-’72) who went to be with the Lord this week. He was just a few days older than me. It is meant as encouragement to my classmates, because we will be reunited on the other side and that reunion will be joyous. Death won’t get the final say.

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