Sir, Are You Jesus?

What a humbling question… It comes from the well-known story about the traveling business-men and the blind girl who was selling apples in the airport. How often do we, as Christians, pause to realize that we may be the only “Jesus” some people may ever see?

Several years ago, the “WWJD” bracelets were everywhere, reminding people to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” in every life circumstance, but they went the way of most fads, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw one. Even though that girl couldn’t see the business-man who came back to help her, the eyes of her heart saw Jesus. When she realized that her table had been dumped over, she had asked Jesus to send someone to help her. She imagined, perhaps from Bible stories that she had heard, that if Jesus was there, He would help her. Her prayer was answered almost immediately.

Even though that business-man missed his flight and didn’t make it home in time for supper with his family, he had the priceless experience of being “Jesus” to that blind girl.

When was the last time YOU were “Jesus” to someone?



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