Amazing People

I have an amazing circle of friends and acquaintances, and that circle is growing all the time. Some of them are Christians. Some of them are Agnostics. A few are Pagans. Some are even Atheists. Quite a few are married, and some of those are monogamous, but some of them are polyamorous. Some of my friends are straight, and some of them are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Some are into kink, BDSM or S&M. A couple of them are even transgendered. What is so amazing about them?

They were all created in God’s image, and God the Father loves them so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, into the world to die for them. He would rather die for them than live for all eternity without them. But, do you want to know the most amazing part of it? I need a Savior just a badly as the “worst” of them, because, even as a Christian, I am no better than they are. How can I NOT love them?



What do you think?

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