Father’s Day 2015

Father’s Day isn’t an easy day for me, because even though I am the father of four children, my children aren’t mine any more. They have disowned me and claimed another family as their own. It is a day of mixed-emotions, love and pride, sadness and longing. I love my children and I am proud of who they have become, but I am sad because I don’t have a relationship with any of them and I long for the day when our relationships are restored.

On my way to church this morning, I heard an interview on the local PBS station of a man who will never be reunited with his only daughter. He and his wife divorced before his daughter was even born, and even though he had a relationship with her for the first few years of her life, their relationship had been shattered during her teen years. One day he got word that she had been murdered. She was only 21.

I could hear the heartache in his voice, perhaps as only another father who also doesn’t have any relationship with his children can. No amount of wishing will ever bring her back to life.

I fear the same with my own children. My middle daughter is a wife and mother to two young sons, and she is fighting cancer. Is anyone ever really CURED of cancer, or is the death-sentence simply postponed? Cancer has already claimed both of her breasts, and then in January of this year, she had to have surgery for cancer in her brain. Where will it show up next? Are there any other ticking “timebombs” waiting to claim one of my children?

While other fathers are getting dinners in their honor, fun, family-outings, wacky gifts and sweet cards, it would make my day if even one of my children told me “I love you dad!“. That would mean more to me than all the other things combined.

“Happy” Father’s Day,


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