It Is What We Do…

Do you have a mission in life? Do you have a higher purpose in life other than to muddle through and only do what it takes to get by? Is there something that you would do, even if there wasn’t a paycheck attached to it, and even if it might cost you your health and maybe even your life? That, my friends, is your mission.

A “mission” is always about something bigger than you. A couple of years ago, my brother and I were reminiscing about our many years in public service. His has been part paid and part volunteer. Mine was all volunteer. His has destroyed his health and almost claimed his life, several times. Mine has taken much of my physical mobility and caused many of my health issues. Even knowing what we know today, we would both do it again in a heartbeat, because it is what we do. It is our mission.

When I “retired” from active participation in a volunteer fire department, God didn’t simply allow me to “retire“. He “reassigned” me to a new mission. My new mission lives next door, and I have spent way more time taking care of her than I spent during the last several years of my public service.

As followers of Christ, we also have a mission. When He commissioned His disciples to “Go into all the world and make disciples”, He was also commissioning us. Christ gave us a mission. We are not simply to be “pew-sitters” in church, we are to GO, and where we GO will depend on the situation and circumstances we find ourselves in. Our “going” may be to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Part of my “going” is to continue putting words on screens around the world. I have a “mission“. I am a “missionary“, even though it is accomplished from the relative comfort of my office chair. God is spreading His kingdom through this blog.

Do you have a mission?

In Christ,


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