The Life Of Christ…an Introduction

I know I already have the cart far ahead of this horse, but I really hadn’t planned to do a series on the life of Christ. The more I have pondered the life of Christ, the more I am coming to realize that there is no better usage of my time and resources than to study our Lord, because if I am to be more like Him, I need to know as much about Him as I can.

In my first segment, “How Human was Jesus?“, I explored the physical, visible reality of His humanity. He was just like me, male-equipment and all. In “How Human Was Jesus? Part 2“, I tried to put together a “photo-album” of his early life, with the purpose of emphasizing that, apart from His virgin birth, He was an ordinary child, and He went through all the stages of growth that my own children did. As the father of four children, I am intimately-acquainted with what children go through from birth through puberty.

Jesus wasn’t simply just born, appeared in the temple at twelve years-of-age, when He became legally an adult, and then burst on the scene at thirty years of age, when He began His public ministry. Along the way, He witnessed the miracle of life as His mother gave birth to several brothers and sisters. He was “big-brother” to several brothers and sisters. He probably became an accomplished carpenter like His dad, Joseph, and when He walked out of the J&J Carpentry Shop for the last time, it may well have been closed forever, because even though His mother, Mary, and His siblings are mentioned several times throughout His ministry, Joseph is only alluded to. Certainly by the time He went to the cross, Mary was a widow and Jesus was the “man of the house“, at which time He commissioned John to take on His responsibility. The only part of our human experience that He didn’t experience first-hand was being a husband and father.

So, welcome aboard. Sit back, relax and buckle up, as we explore the life of Christ. Come grow with me as we find out what it means to be more like Him. Don’t be surprised if your theological “house” gets remodeled, because to be a Christian is to be like Christ, in our thoughts, words and deeds. Mine certainly has been. One of the most important things we can do is ask “What would Jesus do?“, but if we don’t know what He did, we won’t have a clue as to what we should do. I don’t have a “plan” per se, so what I write about will be what comes into my heart that I can’t get away from.

God bless!


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