I Try To Be…

I tri tu be farli carrfool an metikulus ubowt my rittin an speeeelin, tancs tu Bea Sprouse, mi teknikul writin instrukter in colage. Unfotunetli, fur tings I compost oflin, Wurd Pad dusnt incurpurat a spel shequer, so I hav tu depens on du onl;in spel cheker on dis sit. I due hav a bit off DAD, an mi lisdexic fingurs somtim git ahed uf mi brane. Sins mi dad pas uway, I dusn hav iniwun tu grayd mi homwurc. I aso njoi u gud chukl 1nc in u wil, evun ifff i is ut mi owm espinse.

I wrote this several months ago, when there was a barrage of discussion about typos and poorly-worded sentences on one of the online forums I belong to. Admittedly, I sometimes read posts and shake my head…

I must admit that my writing has been one of my “pride-things” for many years, but God hates PRIDE. When I am feeling proud of myself for being such a good writer, I should be thanking God for giving me this talent. I should be giving Him the glory, rather than hogging it for myself, and once in a while God has to get my attention about something in my life that needs attention…like pride. He seems to be working overtime on me these days, but it is because He loves me and wants me to be more like Him.

We do have “permission” to have some fun once in a while. Thankfully God doesn’t grade us on our spelling and grammar, and we won’t have to pass a writing test to get into heaven.

When was the last time we “made a joyful noise to the Lord”? Maybe this is the kind of “joyful noise” God wants most from us…admitting to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters that we aren’t quite as “perfect” as we would like to appear to be. All you get to see is the “finished-product“, not the mess I make and have to straighten out before I am ready to hit the “submit” button.

In Christ!


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