“Bible Kindergarten”…

Have you been to “Bible Kindergarten“? Have you gone back to the basics of God’s holy Word? Have you learned the “A-B-C’s” of the Bible? Perhaps some of you will say “I have been to Bible-college“, or “I have a graduate degree in Bible“, but have you been to “Bible Kindergarten“?

Many of us have been well-schooled in theology, but we know little or nothing about the Bible, and more-importantly, its Author…God. I have been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I was raised in a Christian home, and was taught the Westminster Shorter Catechism when I was in grade-school. Later in life, I taught the Heidelberg Catechism to high-schoolers, but I didn’t really know much about the Bible, or its Author.

Whatever our stage of life, God can, and may send us back to “Bible Kindergarten“, so that we get to know Him and His Word. In spite of what I thought I knew, God sent me back to “Bible Kindergarten“.

Last Christmas, I had the privilege of joining a large, extended family for their Christmas Day celebration. That evening, after singing some Christmas carols, we divided up into teams and played Bible Jeopardy. I knew several of the answers to the questions, but this is not to brag, because I was saddened that in this large family, even though everyone had been in church their whole lives, they knew very little about the Bible. It wasn’t that I was such a Bible “hot-shot“, it was because God, in His infinite grace, love and mercy, had sent me back to “Bible Kindergarten“. He had implanted in my heart a burning desire to know Him and His Word.

Since God sent me back to “school“, I have read almost the entire Bible, and several of the books more than once. Reading breeds familiarity, and study brings increasing fluency.

As I do the research necessary to write the articles in this blog, it forces me to dig deep into God’s Word, the Bible, and learn for myself, and my readers, what God has to say in His Word. Each article is a labor of love, because I want to God’s Word better, and I love to uncover its deepest meanings.

Have you been to “Bible Kindergarten“? Has God implanted in your heart the burning desire to know Him and His Word? If not, pray that He does send you back to “Bible Kindergarten“, and take His assignment seriously. Your life will be enriched beyond your wildest dreams.

God bless!


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