Some Thoughts on Valentine’s Day…

February 14th…the day we call “Valentine’s Day“…the day we celebrate our love for the one we love. What is it that we either love or hate about that day? Do you have mixed emotions about Valentines Day? I certainly do…

Valentines Day is second only to Christmas in the number and kinds of gifts that are given. People start making their Valentines Day plans often far in advance, and with great anticipation. There are plans to make, gifts to buy, special dinners to prepare for, even special trips to arrange. People often spend money they don’t have in an attempt to show their love in a tangible way to the one they love. It is a very special day for a man to ask his beloved to marry him. While that is all well and good, shouldn’t they be showing their love for their beloved EVERY day of the year?

Why do we only focus on love one day a year? Why not every day? Why do those who have no beloved feel left out in the cold?

I have spent far too many Valentines Days alone, though not by choice, and this year was no exception. It isn’t that I don’t have a special someone who I love deeply. It is that she is in love with someone else, even though she is married to me. Our short-lived “marriage” lasted a mere six weeks. For her, I was just a means to an end. She left me out of her Valentines Day plans. I received no card, no chocolates, not even a text-message or call from her. I am “out-of-sight, out-of-mind“.

My Valentines Day dawned as an ordinary day. Sure, there was a Valentines Day dinner and dance in the community that I live in, and another at the church I attend, but I couldn’t go to those, because Valentines Day is a day for COUPLES. Besides, I had a doctor’s appointment…

Sometimes love has a way of finding us…where we least expect it. As I walked into my urologist’s office, I noticed a large Valentine card on her door. Someone had shown her love and left her chocolates. We get along very well, but it seemed that our relationship was even warmer that day.

I had to stick around the medical center, so that she could make certain I didn’t over-react to the new medication I was trying out. I also needed to get some blood-work done.

Against that backdrop, in walks love. Oh, it wasn’t THAT kind of love, but it WAS love. The ladies of one of the veterans organizations were roaming around the facility handing out Valentines Day cards. These were no ordinary cards though. They were hand-made by grade-school children, specially for us…veterans. While they were getting the usual school-kid cards and treats, we were getting a far greater treat – their love. I even received TWO cards, and a small, stuffed, red monkey.

As I was thinking that day about it, I realized that EVERY day is Valentines Day to God. He doesn’t just think of us one day a year. He is our “allday, everyday” lover. God loves us so much, that He sent His own Son into this world to become one with us. Then, if that wasn’t enough, His Son, Jesus Christ, gave the ultimate gift…His life, that we might become part of God’s family. Our Lord Jesus Christ was God’s Valentines Day gift to us, and that Gift keeps right on giving. In John 15:13, Jesus says: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his own life for his friends“. On that old, rugged cross, He showed us what true love is.

Lest you think that all I did was “get” on that special day… No, I didn’t just “get“. I became a giver also. I was privileged to share the Good News of freedom from bondage in Jesus Christ with a fellow struggler that afternoon. I also shared one of those special cards with my neighbor-gal, and I gave her the red monkey…because, like me, she has no one to give her a Valentine either. We are just friends, but she needs love too. Giving is its own special gift, so I was blessed many-fold.

May we always remember that God is our ultimate Lover, and that His love never fails. Every day is Valentines Day

God bless!


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